‘LSEG’s initiative will increase investment opportunities’

‘LSEG’s initiative will increase investment opportunities’

‘LSEG’s initiative will increase investment opportunities’

The Chief Executive Officer, Mouka Nigeria Limited, Mr. Ray Murphy, says the London Stock Exchange Group’s ‘Companies to Inspire Africa’ report is meant to increase awareness of investment opportunities in Nigeria and Africa in general.

He said the initiative could also enhance capital inflows into the continent.

“It (London Stock Exchange Group’ Company to Inspire Africa report) is to increase awareness of investment opportunities, to get capital inflows going again; obviously, as companies grow they need further levels in capital,” Murphy noted.

Mouka was recently listed in the London Stock Exchange Group’s inaugural ‘Companies to Inspire Africa’ report, a landmark report that identifies the fastest-growing and most dynamic businesses across Africa, the company said in a statement on Thursday.

The ‘Companies to Inspire Africa initiative’ is part of London Stock Exchange Group’s broader support campaign for dynamic companies that have shown excellent growth rate and potential to power Africa’s development.

Murphy described his company’s recognition in the report as great honour, saying “Mouka’s inclusion in the inaugural Companies to Inspire Africa report was in recognition of the company’s unfailing commitment and passion to manufacturing high quality mattresses and pillows that adds comfort to life for every Nigerian.”

During the London LSEG’s regional event in Lagos recently, Murphy expressed his delight at the listing.

He said, “I think for us it is a tremendous honour to be recognised internationally for the performance of the company within Nigeria. It is a tremendous honour. We were contacted several months back by the London Stock Exchange Group, they were putting together this programme of companies to inspire Africa and they identified companies with some criteria.

“I think the first is exponential growth, so we were one of a select band of companies, not just in Nigeria but throughout Africa, which are recognised for their successes and we were asked to participate in this ‘Company to Inspire Africa initiative.”

He added, “The companies selected were about 300 around Africa which we were identified but out of that 300, nearly 60 of them were in Nigeria and Mouka was one of those selected in Nigeria.”

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